The Seattle Seahawks have embraced the innovative designs that Nike provides

As expected, Nike unveiled uniforms for the 32 teams of the National Football League. Nike outbid competitor Reebok in 2010 for the apparel rights to outfit NFL teams beginning April 2012 by putting up a reported $1.1 billion to land a 5 year deal. Reebok was the official apparel provider of the NFL for a 10 year period that began in 2001 and ran through the 2011 NFL season.

With the exception of the Seattle Seahawks, there were no significant changes to team uniforms. This is kind of disappointing to me as a fan of college football. I like the tradition of the legacy uniforms that we have come to know. At the same time I was also hoping that the teams would have special alternate unis in the mold of the Nike Pro Combat designs we have seen from Boise State, Virginia Tech, and Oregon. While there is still a chance that we may see these designs down the road, it would have been an even bigger splash for Nike’s re-introduction into the NFL market.

Apart from uniforms, Nike also introduced equipment such as gloves and fan apparel. I have already per-ordered my new 49ers t-shirts & New Era cap through

For more on the new Nike uniforms and fan apparel please click here.

  1. Tre Everett says:

    I too was hoping for some uni upgrades or alternates. I was disappointing to hype up this big unveiling today and then they just display the same look as the Reebok unis. Hope the NFL gives Nike the freedom to put their creative geniuses to work.

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